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Double humidify bottle with nebulizer
name:Double humidify bottle with nebulizer
model:HK-A series
category:With nebulizer


Double humidify bottles  can supply two or more people get oxygen at the same time. Humidify bottle and tube can be used alone, prevent cross use  cause infection.


The main technical parameters:

1.Produce oxygen3L, 4L, 5L, 10L/min     2. Oxygen concentration:≥90%

3.The use of temperature:5-40          4.Outlet pressure:0.04-0.06MPa

5. Noise≤54dB                                         6.Dimensions350x420x650mm 


7.Net weight:23kg                             8. Output power:360VA/400VA/450VA 


9.Supply power:220V/50Hz


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