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Oxygenating skin for beauty

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Women love the oxygenating - filling oxygen in the body, give skin complement oxygen


HK-A9020MROxygen-enriched beauty machine with oxygen in the body, body surface oxygen injection, multiple oxygen atomizing oxygen protection method of skin, promote skin absorb nutrition, strengthen the cell vitality and metabolism, accelerate the regeneration of skin, delicate elasticity and youthful.   









Oxygen spray——

 Using special high-tech nozzle, spray oxygen, and atomization nutrient solution onto the facial skin to prevent dark spots, acne, wrinkles and dry skin, Strengthen the skin smooth and delicate. Effect is remarkable.





Oxygen injection——


Using special injection port, through the  pressure,  the  inject oxygen  into  granular skin layer directly, to strengthen the cell oxygen supply, enhance the vitality and resistance, so as to eliminate waste, promote metabolism and blood oxygen circulation. Is mainly used to improve black rim of the eye, eye or facial wrinkles acne pigment as well as increase the elasticity of the skin, etc.



     Carry oxygen mask, oxygenating in 15 to 20 minutes . This can effectively improve pulmonary function, improve arterial blood oxygen concentration, increase the oxygen content of subcutaneous blood capillary, thereby enhance the vitality of skin cells, promote tissue metabolism, achieve the goal of fitness maintenance skin. Oxygenating can also refreshing, eliminate fatigue, relieve mental pressure and improve the body immunity. Oxyging have auxiliary  therapy effect of respiratory system, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other diseases.

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